Wednesday, May 19, 2010

9 months later. .

Since my last posting, a lot has changed... including the title of this blog since we now must go beyond Grace and Faith to include Will.
Looking back on the date of my last post, I believe it was a few days after I found out I was pregnant again. From those early days of being a bit overwhelmed by the news of another to the grueling, nauseating 32 weeks of morning sickness to the exhilaration of meeting Will David on April 29, here is a quick recap of the last 9 months:

Though the news that we were expecting Will was a bit of a surprise, it was truly miraculous as we were not expecting to be able to conceive without help. The day I found out was also the first day the girls decided to skip their morning nap which then became history. Though I longed for the extra sleep, I was grateful they were growing into the next stage.
I had a tough first trimester with prolonged nausea and exhaustion; it didn't help that I had to be up and down all day taking care of two toddlers and couldn't just rest. My days at work were actually a break (thanks to great babysitting by Nai Nai and Grammy)

The girls continued to be a joy as they grew up more and more, especially in language and mobility. The days came where they were anticipating Baby Will and enjoyed talking to him through my tummy and bringing him binkies, blankies and bottles.

He arrived early at 37 weeks. Unfortunately much of our family was out of town and the country, but he arrived safe and sound with Grammy and Bump, Auntie Holly and Huck, Auntie Louisa and GG there to welcome him. He was 6 lbs 4 oz and 18 inches. Aside from a little breathing trouble at the beginning, he was perfect and in my arms in time for my recovery from the C section. How special it was to hold him and examine all his features.
His first three weeks have been smooth. One is much easier than two and nursing is a lot easier. We are calmer and more confident, but we do have two others to handle making things a little more hectic. We are grateful that Andy has been home these three weeks on paternity leave. It has been a special time. God is very good and has blessed us immensely.

Grace and Faith are such a joy, growing up each day. Faith continues to be our verbal one, narrating life and stating very clearly how she feels often. Grace is still so loving and sweet, giving hugs and kisses to everyone. She has definite ideas about plans for playtime and holds her own against bossy Faith. She loves puzzles and books and mostly taking care of her babies (from diapering, to burping, to feeding, to strolling, she is a very good "mommy")

Some funny things Faith has said in the past few months:
-While praying before bed with our extended family, she yelled out nai nai is peeking, as she saw Nai Nai opening her eyes to look at the girls during the prayer.
-Today she ran out of the bath to tell me that "it was scary, the water loud fell on her head, daddy helped Gracie"
-While climbing up the ladder and being prompted by daddy to jump into his arms, she said "no daddy, too high, its scary"
Faith is very into baby Will narrating what he is doing at all times: "Baby Will is eating mommy's milk", "baby will is crying, or awake". Baby Will needs to go in his bed, etc etc

Grace's vocabulary has grown and she enjoys stating things when they are important like Baby Will in his crib now. or Music, ok now. or her favorite, "unbuckle" from the wagon or car seat or high chair. I love when she says "yes" with such annunciation I can't help do whatever it is she wants.
She hasn't been as thrilled that Baby Will has taken mommy's attention, but she still loves to kiss him and especially buckle him in his car seat.

Time with Will for me is special as I was never able to give all my attention to either Grace or Faith. He slept on my chest the first two weeks, sealing that mother, son bond. He is so precious and calm so far. I can't wait to see what he looks like as he grows up and how his personality develops.

I will try to keep up on the blog as I have enjoyed my previous posts as a sort of "baby book" recap for the girls first year.


The Haytons said...

Always fun to read the antics of your kiddos. Looking forward to meeting baby Will soon. Much love!

Cheryl said...

Good job on your blog, Amy. You are an amazing mommy of three!