Sunday, September 20, 2009

One Year Recap

As I think about this past year I am amazed how much my life has changed and especially how full it has become. I am also amazed how much I actually have forgotten. My sister Holly keeps asking me detailed things about breastfeeding and sleeping in those early weeks and honestly it is now a blur. I think that is God's way of ensuring that women will actually have another baby after that first experience.
We have come a long way from nursing most of my life (literally about 12 hours per day) to now walking to the park with each girl holding onto my hand- so sweet. The demand on me is much less than those early days and so much fun. Each day is discovery! Like today when Faith "discovered" that if she screams real loud in a restaurant, that is sure to mean that mommy or daddy will pay quick attention to her and give her something. They are showing their true womanhood now as their favorite thing is to try on shoes. They get very upset if one of them gets their shoes put on first so Andy devised a plan that he would put one shoe on each. They seem to be satisfied with that.
Their personalities are more and more defining themselves. Grace still is our bookworm, she has now discovered that the good books (like hand hand fingers thumb or The "Twin" book) is hidden in the corner on the table she can't get to so now she crawls over there and just points and grunts until we read these good books. She also is very happy sitting in her own chair reading a book. She doesn't say much yet, but she speaks her own language to herself when she reads the books. She also is very lovable giving kisses whenever we ask. I love this!! Especially when I need a kiss!
Faith distinguishes herself with her many words and boisterous personality. She lets us know what she wants and is able to find words, might not be the right ones, to describe what she needs. Today she cried out dadamamauhoh all in one breath cause she really needed help with a toy. She has learned to run now and takes off when we go outside.
Both girls are very social, especially when they are let down from their holds or high chairs in a social place. We turn our heads for one second and of course they are in two directions saying hi to everyone.
Challenges of twin life right now: mostly the running in two directions thing, but that is solved by directed activities mostly at home or in a closed environment. The whole changing their naps to one is a bit tough right now, but I think will prove to be very nice giving me one long break rather than two short ones.
Reflections on this year: exhilarating, exhausting, precious moments, transition, change, deep commitment, love, joy, peace and probably most of all fun!