Saturday, July 11, 2009

10 -11 Months

Well, 10 months is almost over so I thought I better get writing. Plus, Uncle Todd keeps bugging me for updates.
What a nice month! It seems like it may be the honeymoon phase. They are very mobile with crawling, not falling any more, not getting hurt and staying within confines of one room. No opening kitchen cabinets or climbing onto furniture yet. It has been a blast to see their little personalities shine through even more distinct.
Faith continues to learn new words. Her repertoire includes: da da (she definitely knows when to say this one correctly now!), ma ma (usually in a whining tone when she needs something), ba ba (she knows how to ask for it when she wants milk), bye bye along with a wave- (so cute, especially when she is saying bye bye to something she doesn't like), uh oh (a word we use for no, or don't touch or when we drop something), good girl (sounds kinda like doo doo), ball (one of her favorites, she can now point to a ball in a book and recognize it as ball), up (sometimes this is a sort of yell to get her out of her predicament) I think she said toy the other day, but this hasn't really stuck. There are a few more and every day she keeps learning. It is nice because she is beginning to communicate her needs.

Grace cracks us up with her own language. She talks a lot, but with few inteligible words- mostly she says Da! with exclamation. I think Faith understands her best because they often talk with each other and laugh at each other. She does say dog and gets so excited around any animal that might resemble a dog- she does love Soda (Holly's dog) the best! Her physical agility is very good and she loves to push her sister around in the truck. She is small but, very strong. She continues to love books and has learned to turn the pages as she listens intently to every word.

The pictures below depict our first beach day. Their opposite preferences came through as Faith said bye bye to the ocean and preferred to cling to mommy or daddy up high away from the sand, while Gracie dug into the sand, loving every minute. She squealed with delight as the water came up over her and she discovered digging into the neverending sand. Yes, and in true Hayton fashion, she ate lots of sand.
The girls, as well call them, are such a joy and each stage gets more and more fun.