Sunday, May 24, 2009

9 months

This month marks the biggest change for me as I completely weaned from breastfeeding. I guess my intention was clear because from the beginning I said I would nurse for nine months and it was exactly to the day that the weaning process was over. Unfortunately the end was not so fun with 2 cases of mastitis and some severe pain and fevers, but I finally figured out how to stop the process that was so hard to actually get started and regulated.

I have really enjoyed this new stage and the freedom I have. They are changing so much every day. Mobility is the biggest change as they are not only crawling, but now standing up each chance they get and cruising. This has greatly increased my cleaning of messes with baskets emptied several times of diapers, burp clothes, toys, etc. Why is it that babies love things other than toys so much more than toys- like shoes, remote controls, technology wires?

9 months also brings more teeth, new smiles, and new words. Faith now seems to know when she says ma ma she means me and da da with Andy. She also says ba ba for bottle and bebe for Benson. Yesterday she said uh oh. She also does a peculiar movement with her hands that I have decided is a wave?? Faith continued to refuse cereal despite my trying every day for several months. I discovered she wanted control and wants to eat on her own. The first time I gave her little veggies cut up she ate a ton. From then on, she shovels the food in her mouth. For some strange reason she will take only Gerber sweet potatoes from a spoon.

Gracie is so mobile, quick to crawl and walks with the help of a big truck. Her favorite thing is still to read. She goes crazy when we pull out the books (especially noisy farm and the Twin book). She even gets the books now and brings them to me to read. She does a funny jump while sitting with her hands out when she is excited. She also loooves it when you talk to her in her language of ahhhh. She spent lots of time talking to Ga Ga (Grandpa Bill) this way.

It has been fun to see their interaction. They have a twin language that they stand in their cribs and talk to each other with before and after naps and early in the am. Faith has a very loud, deep groan and Grace replies with a high pitched ahh sound. Its pretty fun to see how close in proximity they remain to each other even when crawling around the room. They are learning how to "share" toys. So far we have stayed out of their tiffs allowing them to work things out on their own.

As I write this blog, Todd and Holly are visiting. Grace and Faith are looking forward to two new baby cousins this year. Baby ? Peterson in July and Baby Boy Hayton in October.