Friday, April 17, 2009

8 months- Crawling and Eating

The two biggest milestones this month are crawling and eating. These two events have changed everything! I am no longer nursing 5 times a day, just three and they are enjoying discovering all kinds of new tastes and textures. Faith and Grace have reveresed roles and now Grace has gone full speed ahead, the first to crawl and the first eater. Faith is not too far behind . She is now eating and very close to crawling. Faith now has two bottom teeth, to catch up with her sister who got hers in 2 months ago. Faith continues to be the one who likes to stand and "cruise" along the ottoman coffee table. She gets very excited with her jumper and tends to be very verbal, communicating with all sorts of sounds and grunts.
We just started to teach them sign language- it is so fun to see them learning; every day is a new adventure.
Enjoy the photos from Easter and the new crawler!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

7 months

I am a little behind in blogging even with my new commitment to blog just once per month. This has been a very busy month with my birthday, two plane trips and a wedding! The girls have had a ton of new experiences from the jogging stroller (gift for my bday), the trip to Detroit and visiting cousin Benson, watching mommy at Kami's wedding and making their first trip up to Pleasanton to see Grandpa and Grandma Sell, the Bairds and Autie Kate and Suey.

Month seven has been filled with new ways to "scoot" mostly backward getting stuck under furniture, trying to eat new things but not really liking them, their first ear infections (very sad for mommy and tiring) and learning patty cake. I guess every age is a fun age, but I enjoy watching them discover their world right now and each in their own unique way!
Grace is in her own world, squealing and laughing at most things and has become the aggressor in stealing toys from Faith. Faith is very verbal with all kinds of noises including da da and yesterday she said ma ma.

Sleeping has finally become easier. Thanks to some tough times of letting them cry a bit, they easily are put down for naps and nighttime sleep. This has been a life saver.

Looking forward with trepidation to crawling which is coming very soon! They have assumed the position and are scooting backwards. My life is about to change again!

Visit to Detroit

Grace and Faith's first very long airplane flight was to Detroit to visit Uncle Ryan, Auntie Shar and their highlight, cousin Benson. We had a blast introducing the cousins while being amused by Benson's fascination and sweet love for the girls. A highlight was when we woke up in the early morning to Benson yelling "Bubbas, more Bubbas" from his room above ours. He was so sweet and gentle with them and they all kept each other very entertained. We wished we lived closer and hope one day we will. Here are some photos from the trip; including our crazy flight home with no air on the plane (hence the reason for the babies in only their diapers on my lap)