Monday, March 2, 2009

Six months

As I sit at my computer with Grace on my lap trying to keep her from typing for me I reflect on the last 6 months and how much their lives have changed and my life as well. Andy and I looked at their birth pictures yesterday and relived the wonderful experience. We thank God everyday that they are healthy and growing and so much fun! We noticed that the first picture we have of Grace shows her hands out to her sides in a dainty fashion the same as she does now when you are reading her a book or she is playing in her exersaucer. Some little traits they are just born with.

Six months is such a fun age! I remember when I used to babysit that I always loved this age. They aren't moving around yet but they can sit up and play on their own. The most fun has been to see them play with each other. Sitting up has finally facilitated this. We can see their personalities shining through and the beginnings of some definite sibling patterns. Grace seems to have good coordination so she very deliberately and patiently reaches for the toy she wants until she achieves it. Faith makes more sudden random movements, which usually results in taking that toy from Grace that she worked so hard at. Eventually Faith will have collected all of Grace's toys and placed them to the opposite side of her away from Grace. I am pretty sure this isn't deliberate, but it does seem to eventually get to Grace. Yesterday I saw Grace lunge from one side of the mat they were playing on all the way on to her stomach and scoot to get the toy back from Faith. Then she proceeded to grab Faith's ears, hair and any other part of her that looked fun. Needless to say, they usually require supervised play to referee!

Our six month checkup was uneventful. They are still small, but gaining weight appropriately. Faith is 1 1/2 lbs bigger than Grace, but they are the same height. They are reaching all their milestones a little ahead of schedule.

Eating is the next big adventure. I haven't been all that thrilled about it cause it is messy and just one more task in the day. We tried rice cereal which they haven't really loved. Grace gagged on her peas today, Faith liked them. We will see. . . adding vegetables first one at a time this month. Faith did love sucking on a firm pear yesterday- she decided it was hers after we let her try it.

Crawling is coming soon. They are already scooting and Grace does the backward scoot. They love tummy time and reaching for their toys. Again, though crawling will be fun, it does mark a new level of activity for me that I am apprehensive about.

Talking has begun from Faith- she is so itching to say everything on her mind, which I know is a lot. Instead it comes out in a series of sounds starting with da da, then nai nai, then deep guttural groaning then high pitched screaming for fun. Daddy noticed the sequence and caught it on video. When he showed it to her, she chimed in with herself right in sequence. Grace is a lady of few words (or sounds), kinda like her daddy. But when she wants to talk you definitely hear her. She does a very high pitched screech followed by a sigh- it is very Gracie!

We had our first airplane trip this month and the first night away for Mommy and Daddy. Lots of adventures and more to come. We leave for Detroit next week and then Cabo San Lucas in May, can't wait.