Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Four Generations

Grace and Faith got to meet their Great Grandma Margie (GG) this past week. I had so much fun seeing my Grandma interact and enjoy my girls. Here are some fun pics from the visit. I wish she lived closer and we could see each other more often!

Baby Dedication of Grace and Faith

We were blessed to have such a wonderful service as we dedicated Grace and Faith to the Lord last week. We had such a wonderful showing of support from our extended family. My Grandma Margie came from Oregon, my aunt Cathy from Kansas, cousins Emily and Sid from Houston. Andy's Grandma from Norway also was there. We were also blessed to have Andy's "aunties" who he grew up with in Taiwan at the event.
My dad and our friends Tom & Caroline spoke and prayed for us and the girls during the service. The service reminded me of the great responsibility of raising children and the essential need for extended family and friends.
We enjoyed a "cucas" lunch at our house following. Thank you to everyone who attended and made the day special for us and Faith and Grace.

5 months old

This is such a fun age!! Sleeping through the night, taking long naps together, starting to sit up on their own and making all kinds of new sounds. Smiling and laughing a lot. Faith sits up unassisted for about 15 min, Grace needs a little support. Grace has found her voice and is also making long "Ai yai" sounds. No solid foods yet, though Grandmas and Grandpas try to sneak bites here and there!
Mommy went back to work 2 days a week in January giving Grandmas 2 whole days a week to themselves. Faith and Grace have been enjoying lots of visitors including Great Grandmas Edwards, Farmor (Bestemor) and GG Margie. We are so glad to have such a large supportive family!