Sunday, November 23, 2008

Three Months Old

August 15, 2008
September 15, 2008

October 15, 2008
November 15, 2008

The girls are so grown up! Andy commented tonight that each day gets more fun as we discover new tricks the girls can do. Sleeping and eating are no longer their only skills. They smile, coo, laugh and now roll over. They sit in their bumbo chairs and like to stand supported by us. Faith sucks her thumb and Grace still "gracefully" stretches. They go to sleep around 7-8pm and wake up only one time in the night. I awake between 6:30 and 7am to sounds of their talking in their individual cribs. I love the morning times. They are so happy and talkative all morning.

We are still working on getting nap time down. I have a hard time figuring out if they are hungry or tired. It is challenging to get them down for naps when I am by myself, but I am working on a routine. They are so different in what they need which means I need to remember to treat them differently. I still haven't seen them notice each other much- hopefully that will come in this next month.

Visit from Great Aunt Cathy

We celebrated my Dad's birthday last weekend and were excited to see my Aunt Cathy from Kansas. It was so fun to have the whole family together. Go Karting, Rock band, shopping and baking cakes were some of the highlights.
See any resemblance between Faith and her Grammy? How about Auntie Holly? Kinda funny how genetics works.
We miss Auntie Cathy and I am so glad she could come even for a short visit.

Rolling Over!

Faith and Grace have both passed their milestone of rolling over! I was giving Faith an afterbath massage last week on her tummy and realized she was very active as she almost propelled herself off the changing table. This motivated me to get back in her tummy time routine. Later that day, while doing tummy time, she flipped herself over! Grace followed a few days later. It is fun to see how different they are from each other. Faith is so active and uses a lot of energy. Grace seems like she is behind, but then suprises me with a very strong roll or scoot on the floor. Can't wait to see what comes next!

Outdoor Bath with Grandma

Grandma Cheryl is always coming up with new fun activities for Grace & Faith. We had fun staying down in sunny Dana Point for a few days while Shar and Benson visited. The girls got to experience their first outdoor bath- we thought it would prepare them for future hot tubbing!

Faith sported the "gangsta" look as she was inspired by her Auntie Shar's influence from Detroit!

Visit from Grandma & Grandpa Sell

Whenever Grammy Debbie comes to visit, so do several new dresses for the girls. As always, we had a photo shoot for their "activity time" This was the first time Grandpa David got to see them since they were born. He was able to spend some early morning bonding time getting to know them. They got to hang out with grandpa during his prayer times.
It was nice to have a quick visit with Mom and Dad as they brought some things to prepare us for the holidays.

Mummy's Little Pumpkins

Doing a little blog catch up and realized I hadn't even downloaded photos for about a month. The little girlies have grown considerably in a month.
Nothing exciting for Halloween, but I had fun dressing them in their little pumpkin sleepers. Here's a few shots from that day.