Friday, September 5, 2008

A Little Help from my Friends

I have been so appreciative of all the help I have received from my friends and family! I don't know how I could be doing this all very well without the constant help. I had a taste of life on my own yesterday morning which was quite an adventure. Fed both at the same time, pumped as they were in their "milk drunken state". Geared up for the crying, they suprised me and slept for 2 hours while I showered and cleaned the house. Up again and ready for another feeding, only this time it was one at a time which was a little more difficult. As I was finishing feeding Faith a little extra pumped milk, Grace began to scream. It was a challenge balancing the burping, feeding and changing of both of them while they were fussing. Then, Faith spit up a lot and soaked herself so to the bath we went. Luckily Grace was mesmerized by the sound of running water and sat peacefully in her bouncer as I bathed Faith. Finally, after a little crying, they both were dressed and ready to feed again, this time at the same time. A little double burping and we were good to go. Thank God when Auntie Shar and Grandma Cheryl arrived (mommy could finally go to the bathroom!)

All that to say, I deeply appreciate the help, though it is sorta fun to see what I can do on my own. A few pics of my helpers so far and luckily I have a few more coming! It is fun to see how each person interacts with the babies and offers something new.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Nursing Joys and Woes

I have been trying to figure out what to write about since I am so behind on my blog. The only thing I have been doing and thinking about and yes even dreaming about is nursing. Everything from pumping to nipple shields to nursing cups to bras to evaluating my milk supply. I have been told that nursing twins is everything from awesome and convenient to impossible, don't put yourself under that pressure. So far all I know is that every day has been different. I have gone from a few days of not enough milk while in the hospital, to pumping 8 times a day and using all kinds of paraphenalia, then came the painful engorgement and blocked ducts. Now we are dealing again with not enough milk resulting in one hour feeding sessions followed by one hour soothing sessions. I guess that describes the woes.

Now for the joys. . . my little girls are so adorable! When Grace wakes up ready to feed she purses her lips and stretches for a long time. She feeds with her little fists by her face, so cute! Faith wakes up and lets me know she is ready to eat with a very loud wail and very expressive faces. When they fall asleep while nursing they are little angels. Having them skin to skin is something I look forward to at each feeding. I feel satisfied knowing I am meeting their needs. I felt very proud when at the pediatrician's they had surpassed their birth weights- Grace 6 lbs 4 oz and Faith 6 lbs 2 oz.

I won't scare you all with some nursing pictures to go along with this entry, but instead here are some recent photos of our growing girls.