Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Andy' s Race

That is Andy right behind the finish line in blue and orange.

I am so grateful that Andy found something that makes him so happy, even if it is barreling down a street at 35+mph with only a small helmet and "shaved legs" to protect him from injury. His first race of the season was last weekend in Ontario (we'll see how many more he gets in this year given our upcoming arrival!).
My mom and Aunt were visiting so they got to witness his athletic talents. He just missed making it into the top 10, but raced elegantly! Way to go Andy!


Nesting has taken on an expanded meaning as we moved into a new much larger house two months ago. As we get closer to our due date I realize I only have a few more chances to get projects done that likely will not happen after the babies are born.
I am grateful for all the help from my family to help us move into our house and get organized. Most recently, Louisa helped me hang some pictures in my kitchen and Lauralen helped me organize my office. Allison came and helped me organize all our media stuff- thanks Al.
Thanks to Auntie Cathy and mom for painting the hutch in the kitchen nook- it looks great!

This weekend Andy got a few more things checked off my list and the baby's room is now complete! I love sitting in there and thinking of all the moments to come.

The items still left to complete: fans in three more rooms, garage organized, car seats put together, pack n play set up, office files completed, family pictures hung- not too bad.

Here are some pictures of our house- thanks Auntie Cathy for taking them!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Child Birth Class

Last night Andy and I went to our first childbirth class for first timers. It was pretty fun meeting 25 other couples (many other residents, physicians, and nurses) who were getting ready to have their first babies in the next month. I didn't feel so huge as many of the others were as big as me!
Andy volunteered to wear the "sympathy suit" where he put on 30 lbs of extra weight so he could see what it felt like to be me for a few minutes.
We are going to need to work on the massage and breathing a little, but we got some good practice cause I was having contractions throughout the whole class. Nothing to worry about, not regular or very painful.

The Nursery

Creating the nursery for two little girls was such a thrill. I first was inspired by a visit to "Paris in a Cup" tea house in Orange with Jessica shortly after finding out we were having girls. The black, white and pale pink Damask patterns highlighted there featured a modern, yet feminine look.

Special thanks to Shar who searched endlessly online for the perfect pattern for the bedding. Stumbling on the Wendy Belissimo black, white and pink pattern while shopping Babies R Us in Detroit was like finding gold. Her name plates created for Faith and Grace also inspired the theme.

From finding two black cribs on craigs list, to Andy sanding and painting them, to my strong desire to paint the room pink myself, to Shar's sacrificial creative work in painting the white harlequin design and finally Andy learning how to put up chair rail, we feel very invested in this adorable nursery and can't wait to see two little babies in those cribs.

Maternity Photo Shoot

My wonderful friends Katie and Sue came to visit me in May. Katie, a professional photographer (check out katekellyphotography.com) along with Sue took some amazing pictures of my growing belly. I was grateful for their talent and eye that captured how I was feeling holding my little Grace and Faith in my belly. Thanks so much Katie!!

Some History of Grace and Faith

Some of the memories that brings me the most joy to recall during this pregnancy is when we found out we were pregnant, then that they were twins, and then girls and got to share each of those moments with our family and friends.

We're Pregnant!!
December 21- After two long years of trying to conceive and many episodes of peeing on those stupid sticks with a negative result, I finally saw the amazing plus sign on the pregnancy test! What a thrill (though I didn't really believe it was true). Telling Andy by wrapping up the test in an "early Christmas present" was even more fun as he opened it up by the fire and we both cried out of joy.
Telling each of our family members who had been praying and believing for us was such a blessing. Mom Hayton was thrilled and couldn't believe it (love her fun laugh), Dad Hayton was a little cautious, but helped us confirm it was really true. Ryan frantically yelling for Shar on the speaker phone when Andy said we wanted them both on the phone. Louisa laughing out of joy and excitement as we told her on the phone. Hearing reports of Juliana's glowing face full of joy as she danced with our church dance group right after hearing the news.
Telling the Sell family all in person around the Christmas tree brought many tears- Mom in denial, Dad crying, Todd running to get the camera and Holly broken with tears. It was a moment I will never forget! (Thanks Todd for documenting it as you are always so faithful to do)

There are TWO of them!
7 week ultrasound- feeling pretty nervous and holding my breath to just see a heartbeat. "I see a couple of sacs" says the doctor. I still didn't catch on until I saw not one healthy heartbeat, but two! What a thrill, and of course more tears. I also remember thinking how my life was truly going to change- a flash of worries mixed with incredible joy (everything from: we bought the wrong car-just bought a prius, to I don't think I can work as much as I thought, to awesome deal getting two babies in one shot)
All laughs and screams from everyone we told this news to! Both grandmas screaming and laughing on the phone. Sue, Jess and Kate laughing histerically and Sue thinking of all the silly things that twins will mean like having to choose 4 names!

Twin Girls 20 week ultrasound- people present: Andy, Cheryl, Louisa, Juliana, Shar, Benson, Holly, Chelsea. We had quite a crowd to witness the unveiling of who these little ones would be. The majority were voting for boy and girl, only Ryan and Chelsea had voted two girls- you won.
When we discovered the sex of the second twin, my mind was once again filled with thoughts- how fun to dress two little girl babies, tea parties and dolls, how difficult to go through the teenage years, two weddings, etc... Secretly I was thrilled, I really didn't feel ready to raise boys since I grew up such a girly girl.

Welcome to our Blog!

Well. . . So many of you have been asking to hear updates about Grace and Faith and my growing belly that I decided to follow the trend and start this blog. Thanks to Katie's friend Heather who I don't even know (just had twins two days ago) who inspired me and kept me addicted to her blog, waiting to see when her twins were born and how it went.

So begins a fun journey of documenting my last few weeks before my life changes forever and then hopefully giving you all a peak into life with twins.

This first picture was taken a month ago at Andy's graduation from Psychiatry residency.