Wednesday, May 19, 2010

9 months later. .

Since my last posting, a lot has changed... including the title of this blog since we now must go beyond Grace and Faith to include Will.
Looking back on the date of my last post, I believe it was a few days after I found out I was pregnant again. From those early days of being a bit overwhelmed by the news of another to the grueling, nauseating 32 weeks of morning sickness to the exhilaration of meeting Will David on April 29, here is a quick recap of the last 9 months:

Though the news that we were expecting Will was a bit of a surprise, it was truly miraculous as we were not expecting to be able to conceive without help. The day I found out was also the first day the girls decided to skip their morning nap which then became history. Though I longed for the extra sleep, I was grateful they were growing into the next stage.
I had a tough first trimester with prolonged nausea and exhaustion; it didn't help that I had to be up and down all day taking care of two toddlers and couldn't just rest. My days at work were actually a break (thanks to great babysitting by Nai Nai and Grammy)

The girls continued to be a joy as they grew up more and more, especially in language and mobility. The days came where they were anticipating Baby Will and enjoyed talking to him through my tummy and bringing him binkies, blankies and bottles.

He arrived early at 37 weeks. Unfortunately much of our family was out of town and the country, but he arrived safe and sound with Grammy and Bump, Auntie Holly and Huck, Auntie Louisa and GG there to welcome him. He was 6 lbs 4 oz and 18 inches. Aside from a little breathing trouble at the beginning, he was perfect and in my arms in time for my recovery from the C section. How special it was to hold him and examine all his features.
His first three weeks have been smooth. One is much easier than two and nursing is a lot easier. We are calmer and more confident, but we do have two others to handle making things a little more hectic. We are grateful that Andy has been home these three weeks on paternity leave. It has been a special time. God is very good and has blessed us immensely.

Grace and Faith are such a joy, growing up each day. Faith continues to be our verbal one, narrating life and stating very clearly how she feels often. Grace is still so loving and sweet, giving hugs and kisses to everyone. She has definite ideas about plans for playtime and holds her own against bossy Faith. She loves puzzles and books and mostly taking care of her babies (from diapering, to burping, to feeding, to strolling, she is a very good "mommy")

Some funny things Faith has said in the past few months:
-While praying before bed with our extended family, she yelled out nai nai is peeking, as she saw Nai Nai opening her eyes to look at the girls during the prayer.
-Today she ran out of the bath to tell me that "it was scary, the water loud fell on her head, daddy helped Gracie"
-While climbing up the ladder and being prompted by daddy to jump into his arms, she said "no daddy, too high, its scary"
Faith is very into baby Will narrating what he is doing at all times: "Baby Will is eating mommy's milk", "baby will is crying, or awake". Baby Will needs to go in his bed, etc etc

Grace's vocabulary has grown and she enjoys stating things when they are important like Baby Will in his crib now. or Music, ok now. or her favorite, "unbuckle" from the wagon or car seat or high chair. I love when she says "yes" with such annunciation I can't help do whatever it is she wants.
She hasn't been as thrilled that Baby Will has taken mommy's attention, but she still loves to kiss him and especially buckle him in his car seat.

Time with Will for me is special as I was never able to give all my attention to either Grace or Faith. He slept on my chest the first two weeks, sealing that mother, son bond. He is so precious and calm so far. I can't wait to see what he looks like as he grows up and how his personality develops.

I will try to keep up on the blog as I have enjoyed my previous posts as a sort of "baby book" recap for the girls first year.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

One Year Recap

As I think about this past year I am amazed how much my life has changed and especially how full it has become. I am also amazed how much I actually have forgotten. My sister Holly keeps asking me detailed things about breastfeeding and sleeping in those early weeks and honestly it is now a blur. I think that is God's way of ensuring that women will actually have another baby after that first experience.
We have come a long way from nursing most of my life (literally about 12 hours per day) to now walking to the park with each girl holding onto my hand- so sweet. The demand on me is much less than those early days and so much fun. Each day is discovery! Like today when Faith "discovered" that if she screams real loud in a restaurant, that is sure to mean that mommy or daddy will pay quick attention to her and give her something. They are showing their true womanhood now as their favorite thing is to try on shoes. They get very upset if one of them gets their shoes put on first so Andy devised a plan that he would put one shoe on each. They seem to be satisfied with that.
Their personalities are more and more defining themselves. Grace still is our bookworm, she has now discovered that the good books (like hand hand fingers thumb or The "Twin" book) is hidden in the corner on the table she can't get to so now she crawls over there and just points and grunts until we read these good books. She also is very happy sitting in her own chair reading a book. She doesn't say much yet, but she speaks her own language to herself when she reads the books. She also is very lovable giving kisses whenever we ask. I love this!! Especially when I need a kiss!
Faith distinguishes herself with her many words and boisterous personality. She lets us know what she wants and is able to find words, might not be the right ones, to describe what she needs. Today she cried out dadamamauhoh all in one breath cause she really needed help with a toy. She has learned to run now and takes off when we go outside.
Both girls are very social, especially when they are let down from their holds or high chairs in a social place. We turn our heads for one second and of course they are in two directions saying hi to everyone.
Challenges of twin life right now: mostly the running in two directions thing, but that is solved by directed activities mostly at home or in a closed environment. The whole changing their naps to one is a bit tough right now, but I think will prove to be very nice giving me one long break rather than two short ones.
Reflections on this year: exhilarating, exhausting, precious moments, transition, change, deep commitment, love, joy, peace and probably most of all fun!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Saturday, July 11, 2009

10 -11 Months

Well, 10 months is almost over so I thought I better get writing. Plus, Uncle Todd keeps bugging me for updates.
What a nice month! It seems like it may be the honeymoon phase. They are very mobile with crawling, not falling any more, not getting hurt and staying within confines of one room. No opening kitchen cabinets or climbing onto furniture yet. It has been a blast to see their little personalities shine through even more distinct.
Faith continues to learn new words. Her repertoire includes: da da (she definitely knows when to say this one correctly now!), ma ma (usually in a whining tone when she needs something), ba ba (she knows how to ask for it when she wants milk), bye bye along with a wave- (so cute, especially when she is saying bye bye to something she doesn't like), uh oh (a word we use for no, or don't touch or when we drop something), good girl (sounds kinda like doo doo), ball (one of her favorites, she can now point to a ball in a book and recognize it as ball), up (sometimes this is a sort of yell to get her out of her predicament) I think she said toy the other day, but this hasn't really stuck. There are a few more and every day she keeps learning. It is nice because she is beginning to communicate her needs.

Grace cracks us up with her own language. She talks a lot, but with few inteligible words- mostly she says Da! with exclamation. I think Faith understands her best because they often talk with each other and laugh at each other. She does say dog and gets so excited around any animal that might resemble a dog- she does love Soda (Holly's dog) the best! Her physical agility is very good and she loves to push her sister around in the truck. She is small but, very strong. She continues to love books and has learned to turn the pages as she listens intently to every word.

The pictures below depict our first beach day. Their opposite preferences came through as Faith said bye bye to the ocean and preferred to cling to mommy or daddy up high away from the sand, while Gracie dug into the sand, loving every minute. She squealed with delight as the water came up over her and she discovered digging into the neverending sand. Yes, and in true Hayton fashion, she ate lots of sand.
The girls, as well call them, are such a joy and each stage gets more and more fun.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

9 months

This month marks the biggest change for me as I completely weaned from breastfeeding. I guess my intention was clear because from the beginning I said I would nurse for nine months and it was exactly to the day that the weaning process was over. Unfortunately the end was not so fun with 2 cases of mastitis and some severe pain and fevers, but I finally figured out how to stop the process that was so hard to actually get started and regulated.

I have really enjoyed this new stage and the freedom I have. They are changing so much every day. Mobility is the biggest change as they are not only crawling, but now standing up each chance they get and cruising. This has greatly increased my cleaning of messes with baskets emptied several times of diapers, burp clothes, toys, etc. Why is it that babies love things other than toys so much more than toys- like shoes, remote controls, technology wires?

9 months also brings more teeth, new smiles, and new words. Faith now seems to know when she says ma ma she means me and da da with Andy. She also says ba ba for bottle and bebe for Benson. Yesterday she said uh oh. She also does a peculiar movement with her hands that I have decided is a wave?? Faith continued to refuse cereal despite my trying every day for several months. I discovered she wanted control and wants to eat on her own. The first time I gave her little veggies cut up she ate a ton. From then on, she shovels the food in her mouth. For some strange reason she will take only Gerber sweet potatoes from a spoon.

Gracie is so mobile, quick to crawl and walks with the help of a big truck. Her favorite thing is still to read. She goes crazy when we pull out the books (especially noisy farm and the Twin book). She even gets the books now and brings them to me to read. She does a funny jump while sitting with her hands out when she is excited. She also loooves it when you talk to her in her language of ahhhh. She spent lots of time talking to Ga Ga (Grandpa Bill) this way.

It has been fun to see their interaction. They have a twin language that they stand in their cribs and talk to each other with before and after naps and early in the am. Faith has a very loud, deep groan and Grace replies with a high pitched ahh sound. Its pretty fun to see how close in proximity they remain to each other even when crawling around the room. They are learning how to "share" toys. So far we have stayed out of their tiffs allowing them to work things out on their own.

As I write this blog, Todd and Holly are visiting. Grace and Faith are looking forward to two new baby cousins this year. Baby ? Peterson in July and Baby Boy Hayton in October.

First International Adventure

What a lovely vacation we had with the Hayton family in Cabo San Lucas. Lots of firsts for the girls as we traveled from LAX to Cabo, stayed in a lovely condo by the beach, lounged in the water of the pool all the while trying new cuisine each day. It was so nice to have Ga Ga and Nai Nai help with the daily activities of our little ones as we were able to relax a little. Grace and Faith loved hanging out with cousin Benson, Uncle Ryan, Auntie Shar and Auntie Jules.
Each morning we looked forward to Benson knocking on our door yelling, Babies, Babies. He gave several kisses to each of them several times a day.
The girls enjoyed the pool very much! They lounged in their floaties for nearly hours at a time. We enjoyed the swim up bar for cool drinks and appetizers while the girls floated nearby.
Nap times for the babies was game time for the adults. We enjoyed reconnecting with Ryan and Shar and being together as a family.
The girls discovered solid foods while on the trips. From stir fry veggies to avocado and beans, they were pushed along in their culinary appetites by watching cousin Benson (especially the "cado")
Aside from the miserable side effects of weaning I had a relaxing time and was grateful for the beautiful location and connected time with family. Can't wait till next year.

Friday, April 17, 2009

8 months- Crawling and Eating

The two biggest milestones this month are crawling and eating. These two events have changed everything! I am no longer nursing 5 times a day, just three and they are enjoying discovering all kinds of new tastes and textures. Faith and Grace have reveresed roles and now Grace has gone full speed ahead, the first to crawl and the first eater. Faith is not too far behind . She is now eating and very close to crawling. Faith now has two bottom teeth, to catch up with her sister who got hers in 2 months ago. Faith continues to be the one who likes to stand and "cruise" along the ottoman coffee table. She gets very excited with her jumper and tends to be very verbal, communicating with all sorts of sounds and grunts.
We just started to teach them sign language- it is so fun to see them learning; every day is a new adventure.
Enjoy the photos from Easter and the new crawler!